Whitlocks Round the World - Travel Diary for September 04

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Countries visited so far: UK Latvia Lithuania Poland Slovak Republic Hungary Romania Bulgaria Greece Egypt Tanzania Malawi Mozambique South Africa Swaziland South Africa (again) Argentina Bolivia Peru Ecuador Vietnam China Mongolia Russia England

24th Septmber England
Keeping in touch!
Hello all! Since arriving home in England we have been living near Bristol, in the South-West of the country. Settling back into normal life has not been too hard, although, after about six weeks, we have not yet managed to find jobs. The children are settling well into school, and do not seem to have fallen much behind the other kids. In fact, Tom has already been able to use his experiences on the trip directly to contribute to his school work in Geography, Art, History and Spanish.

We are really hoping to keep in touch with all the wonderful friends we made along the way. Some have emailed or even phoned since we got back, and it feels great to be keeping our experiences alive through our contact with you. However, we are having trouble contacting some friends, as the email we send keeps being returned. If Bill and Sarah in Texas are reading this message, please contact us again. We have tried to email, but cannot get through.

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